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"Track Pursuit:
Unleashing Racing Dreams"

In a world where reality television has become a cultural phenomenon, the intersection of motorsports and unscripted storytelling opens up a new avenue for entertainment.


Q&A Session

Date: Feb 12, 2024 05:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Track Pursuit Kickstarter: Interview with Actor Lyriq Bent and his son, Jahthane Walwyn-Bent, Exploring Track Pursuit: Igniting Racing Aspirations, Hosted by Anthony Adkins, a Business Strategist and Motorsports Enthusiast.




STARTS 2.5.2024

Track Pursuit: Unleashing Racing Dreams

An exhilarating journey through the heart of American motorsports, challenging barriers that often define the racing world.

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"Track Pursuit: Unleashing Racing Dreams" takes viewers on an exhilarating journey through the heart of American motorsports, challenging stereotypes and financial barriers that often define the racing world.

Join Jahthane Walwyn-Bent, son of acclaimed actor Lyriq Bent, as he navigates the high-octane world of motorsports. Alongside other trailblazers, they defy odds and break barriers in their pursuit of professional racing, uncovering a story that transcends speed to explore the intricate human dynamics propelling the mechanically driven sport forward.

"Rev up your support and join the race to bring 'Track Pursuit: Unleashing Racing Dreams' to life on Kickstarter! Fuel the excitement as Jahthane Walwyn-Bent gears up for an adrenaline-packed journey. Your support drives the dream, and every contribution fuels the pursuit of racing excellence. Let's make this series a reality together!  #TrackPursuit #RacingDreams #KickstarterRevolution"


 Cast members in the series include:  Lyriq Bent and his son, Jahthane Walwyn-Bent, Dawn Patterson, Julius Curry, Mieko Hester-Perez and Khomari Flash. 

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Episode Synopsis


Episode 1 | Beginnings and Bonds

Jahthane's exploration into motorsports unfolds. as he connects with mentors and his motivations are revealed


Episode 2 | Navigating the Unknown

Jahthane explores the different training options available and compares the amateur experience vs his own.


Episode 3 |

Tests and Twists

Jahthane navigates the intricate business side of NASCAR. While managing personal and brand image, offering a subtle view into the mid-season intricacies


Episode 4 | Beyond the

Finish Line

Delving into the complex world of driver development and exposing the multifaceted layers of behind-the-scenes motorsports dynamics.


Episode 5 | Preparation Jahthane evaluates his progress and seeks more guidance.


Episode 6 | Beyond the

Finish Line

Jahthane's journey culminates. reflecting on undefined milestones. Framing the next chapter in the motorsports adventure.

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2.85 Million

Average NASCAR TV Views 

Motorsports TV viewership in the United States and Canada remains robust, reflecting the enduring popularity of high-octane racing in North America. With a dedicated fanbase spanning diverse demographics, major motorsports events such as NASCAR races, IndyCar Series, and Formula 1 Grands Prix consistently draw substantial viewership on television.

12.3 Million

NASCAR Social Media Reach

Stock car racing's top-tier series averages 2.86m viewers across NBC, Fox, FS1 and USA Network. The 2023 Nascar Cup Series saw a five percent viewership drop compared to last year, averaging 2.86 million viewers across NBC, Fox, FS1 and USA Network.

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